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RenewAir Purifier Bag is planet-friendly Air Purifying Bag which is a natural alternative to chemical and toxic air fresheners that contain harmful chemicals that pollute the air and lead to health problems


  • Next Level of Innovation
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Bio- Degradable
  • Air freshener
  • Refreshing
  • Cleansing and refreshing
  • Acts As Natural Air Freshener
  • 100% Natural


It especially for the elderly, children and pets. RenewAir Air Purifier Bag is filled with 100% Activated Coconut charcoal which is free of fragrance & chemicals. This incredibly powerful charcoal has millions of tiny little pores and cavities that work together to act like a big sponge. As air passes through the pores, odors, allergen and bacteria particles are trapped on the surface, which in turn purifies your air. Activated Coconut charcoal has been scientifically proven to absorb odors, indoor pollutants, allergens, VOC. This wholly natural product reduces harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene and chloroform gases emitted from such items as paint, carpeting, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber, and plastic. hly.



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"Natural, non-toxic and fragrance less. Purifier bag is made of activated coconut charcoal. It binds to and filters out bacteria and other pollutants and works as a natural neutralizer and deodorizer Eliminates odors and removes moisture purifier bag acts as a sponge in absorbing odors, bacteria, pollutants, and moisture in the air. They work great in indoor spaces like bedroom, children room, kitchens, basements, cars and office area Long lasting and effective - Purifier Bag is a natural and effective alternative to chemical deodorizers, gels, sprays and crystals that are not healthy for people and not good for the planet Portable, does not require electricity or repair - Without any maintenance, the bags are reusable for up to two years. To rejuvenate and re-activate place the bags outside in the sun once a month for about an hour 50g Purifier Bag is the perfect size for compact spaces. This size would be best used in bag packs, shoe rack, gym bags, sporting equipment, drawers, and luggage"
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