About Ruralshop


  • To provide larger market access to farmers, artisans and small business and industries in rural areas
  • Help them get a digital footprint and find more customers
  • Increase revenue by selling more products
  • Increase profit margins by selling direct to consumers over retail

Problem: Access to Market

There are many talented rural small business owners with beautiful products Their biggest issue is to take their product to new and large customer base Ecommerce platform provides access to new markets but hurdles include:

  • Listing and Selling products online
  • Digital Marketing and Branding
  • Logistics and reputation management

Solution: Rural Shop

RuralShop is a team of individuals who are experts in ecommerce, digital marketing and sales. More importantly, committed to the vision of increasing rural livelihood, promote rural entrepreneurship and increase their revenue.

We will take undiscovered treasures to wider market, increase brand visibility and awareness and establish your digital footprint

In the time of over saturated market with cheap plastic items, handcrafted, rural products are a niche market and with proper digital support can earn rural artisans the revenue they deserve.

Business Model

Our business model is very simple - we take a percentage of sale and pass the rest of product revenue to the businesses

Our percentage is dependent on various factors and takes into consideration of the product and people behind that product

We are not profit-driven but people-driven company. While our primary focus is to increase profit for our clients and us, we value the social aspect of our business and care more about the people who create these products than money!

There is a socially and environmentally cautious younger generation who shares the same values like us. They are our primary target audience.

For the Products purchased through Ruralshop, money goes directly to creators, farmers, artisans and rural small business

Hence our mission - Global Marketplace for Rural India

LAPSINA Technology Private Limited is the owner of Ruralshop.com